Wikndows 8 in virtual - from an external disk


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Since I still do my work in Windows 7, I decided to run Windows 8 in virtual. Advantage is that I can switch seemlessly between the two Windows systems and easily share data.

And I went one step further and moved the folder of the virtual system to an external disk (in my case a SSD). That way I can run my Windows 8 on any of my 6 PCs without any reinstallation.

All you need is VMware Player installed on all systems where you want to run and a Windows 8 .iso that you use to install Windows 8 under VMware Player.

This video will show you how it runs.



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yes I run windows 8 on VMware, and still use Windows 7. On desktops, Windows 7 is more user-friendly, so I didn't want to completely upgrade my system to Windows 8.