will NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 work in Windows 7

I am getting ready to do a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. It is on an HP DV2200, running Vista Home Premium with an Itel Core2 CPU T5200 @1.60GHz processor. And it has the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7200 GPU.

I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and it informed me that Windows Aero will not work on my computer because my current graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero interface. I'm surprised by that message since this computer seems to fall within all of the minimum system requirements.

I checked the NVIDIA website for a Windows 7 driver for the GeForce Go 7200 GPU, but it says that one is not available. I am currently running the most updated version for Vista, 179.48. NVIDIA DRIVERS 179.48 BETA

My question is this: Do you think that I will be able to run Windows 7 Home Premium on this computer with my current driver? Can I run it in Vista compatibility mode?

Thanks in advance for your help. I appreciate it.

I found out that 64Mb is required to run Aero in Vista and in Win7. But the Upgrade Advisor was only seeing 32 MB on my GPU even though the GeForce Go 7200 is 128 MB. But, I forgot that a portion of the 128 MB is shared. So that makes sense.
It seems like it will work fine in Win7. :)

And speaking of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, I was using the beta version when I received that incompatibility message about Aero. I found out that the final version of the Upgrade Advisor was released today. When I downloaded it and ran it, there was no longer the incompatibility message about Aero. So perhaps they fixed its dumbness!

I'm looking forward to Win7, and I will keep this thread updated if I find out anything quirky when I do the win7 install.

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