Windows 7 Win 7 7022 64bit??


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Jan 18, 2009
Is it anywhere. Like to try the beta if its around. I have the 7000, x64 version. Is it worth trying? Tons of hd space!!
HI have 7022 X32 running fine.

Rock on

It is pretty close to being a completed OS. If you have the 64bit hardware, go for it.
I'd suggest using the 64 bit version of Build 7000.. it's the official Beta.. ;) Build 7022 was never ment to be released.. it's just a daily build... that was leaked.. Build 7000 64 bit works VERY well though so I'd say give it a try.. :) The more ram you have the better the 64 bit version will work..
Well it all depends on what your using the OS for... as far as performance goes, I find 64 bit kicks 32 bits ass anyday.. especially with 4 or more GB of ram.. :) Drivers for the 64 bit version aren't that hard to find either.. Also, Build 7022 will not receive any updates for windows as it's not an official release remember.. internal builds don't get updates for the OS itself.. just for hardware.. ;) Build 7000 has received some updates recently and they seem to be working fine.. nothing drastically changed but the updating process seems to working fine..
I read a lot of "chatter" about build 7022. Does 7022 install as an upgrade to build 7000 leaving my applications and saved files intact, or does it require a clean install to a formatted harddisc or an empty partition?
SO if I have Win XP in one hd (C) and Win 7 on another HD (C) and and empty partition on that hd (D), All I need to do to install Win 7 x64 is boot up into my win 7 hd or just put the dvd in. Will it screw up my boot record for XP or win 7 X32?


The X-64 bit seems (IMO) to run a bit snappier if you have => 4GB RAM. (Some people also report it works fine with as little as 2gb ram but I'm not sure what the advantage is in using a 64 bit OS on < 4GB RAM.

The main disadvantages are -- some TV cards won't yet work with W7 X-64 (Hauppage and Pinnacle) although you can use Windows Media Center to get some functionality out of these TV cards -- a big drawback is that the Windows Media center 1) doesn't allow switching between Antenna input say and Composite Video )

2) If you initially set it up for Composite Video (say you want to connect the output from a Video Sender or Satellite box it will insist you have an IR device as well even though the set up will capture the Composite video.

On W7 X-32 these TV cards generally seem to work using the VISTA 32 bit software -- so if TV applications are important I'd just hold off on the 64 Bit version for a while yet -- by all means test other apps however.

You can Triple boot without a problem -- best method is to use some sort of Boot Manager. When you install choose a different partition to where you've installed your other OS'es (naturally).

Just google on double boot, bootmanagers etc etc. There are many ways to do this -- you've got the base correct -- if you want to still boot XP that has to be the 1ST OS installed which is what you have.

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