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I would like to ask just a tiny, little question... {

When firing up some programs, the build-in firewall asks me whether I really want program to be started, or rather not. This is not bad idea. When I used to use Kerio Firewall on my old XPs, it behaved in simillar way. I say simillar, because there is just slight difference. In Kerio I was able to define, which progs. will be automatically allowed by the firewall without any bloody asking. Clever...

Here on WIN 7 I can just define, how benevolent, or strict the firewall will be. I mean that slider with four positions, which oscillates between "Never ask" and "Always ask".

So my quest. is: Is there some way to tell to my firewall: Let this program be, stop outgoing conection of this program, never allow this particular program to be started, etc...?​

Thanks in advance...

There is no exceptions option in UAC. What you may want to do:

Right-click on an exe or its shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Check Run this program as an administrator.

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(You can use a 3rd party firewall instead of UAC)

Thanks a lot mate. Maybe the third party app. would be the solution...

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I think I may have missed something here?? You are discussing the UAC, NOT the Firewall. If you click the Firewall - Advanced settings, in the Control panel, it will give you configuration options.


CabbageTree said:
When firing up some programs, the build-in firewall asks me whether I really want program to be started, or rather not.
There are Windows Firewall, UAC, and Windows Defender.

If you mean Windows Firewall, not the nagging UAC, then it shouldn't be a problem at all:

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