Win 7 Pro X64 to XP Pro Networking

Hello.. I have a couple of "Mapped Network Drives" on my Windows 7 Computer that go to a XP Pro machines hooked into my network.. I've been having this problem ever since I installed Windows 7. When I click on the network share drive, it asks for credentials and I correctly enter them and select "Remember my Credentials" and It lets me access the drive. When I restart the computer and access the network share again, it says I have incorrectly entered the user name and password and I have to re enter it everytime I want to access the drive. Is there a way around this? I tried to do a Login Script, and I only got one of the shares to work, but not the rest of them. All computer's in my network are in a "Workgroup", no domain.


The only thing I can think of is that when you setup the network drive the original credentials you put in are no longer valid, like you changed you password or whatever. I had the same problem to, that despite putting in the correct info and asking windows to remember it, it still prompted me to enter my password. The only way i was able to fix it was to delete the network drive and reconnect it. Maybe give that try?

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