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Windows 8 Win 7 to Win 8: The system's biggest improvements


Senior Member
Sep 20, 2011
PC World has the article. I did not see this referenced anywhere. If it is , sorry.
It is faster, I upgraded and notice a more smoother feel. I really did like the Release Preview's Aero Glass look. But I'm sure given time someone will provide a theme fix. I do not like these flat non glass colors and while the taskbar looks fine, window borders just look to much cartoony. But other then that I think win 8 is a very good improvement over 7. I would of kept Windows 8 RP but since the app store was shut down from new releases I had to upgrade to get new apps. Oh well. It runs very nice, Amd released new graphics drivers too so I'm happy.
Sometime the beta releases will deactivate. Those that are running these betas should prepare themselves for when their OS's stop working.