Win 7 to Win7 "\\compname\c$" access problem.

Hi all,

I'm attempting to figure out how to get direct access to the C drive of one of my windows 7 PCs over the network. Previously with Win XP I've been able to use "\\compname\c$", but with windows 7 I'm prompted for a username and password. Using the Admin account info will not get me access, subsequently both the computers share the exact same admin username and password. Also, all of my standard shares work fine without prompting for username/pw, and the guest account is disabled on both PCs.

Ive attached a screenshot of the dialog box that im getting.


Are they members of the same homegroup? Ie. do they both have the Chris01 as the "domain"?

If not, try typing it in like this: Computername\username where computername is the name of the other computer.

They are members of the same homegroup, however when you attempt to hit the c$ of the opposing computer the domain simply shows as the name of the computer that you are actually on. ie. When im on CHRIS01 trying \\CHRISHTPC\c$ the domain shows as CHRIS01, and when im on CHRISHTPC trying \\CHRIS01\c$ the domain shows as CHRISHTPC.

I tried putting the computer name of the computer im trying to access in front of the username, as you suggested (when im on CHRIS01 trying to hit the C drive on CHRISHTPC I use "CHRISHTPC\Chris", with Chris being the one and only user account on the HTPC). Doing this does in fact change the domain on the username/password dialog box, as can be seen in the first screenshot. However, after a bit of thinking it throws back an error, and in my experience with XP no other sharing was necessary in order to do that other than simply knowing an account on the machine that will allow you to access it, which happens to be "Chris" on both PCs. It does seem to be authenticating though, rather than instantly refreshing the username/password dialog box like it was beforre, I think there might just be another setting somewhere that might need to be set.

Ultimately I know I could just setup a share for the entire C drive, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible, because I typically only need C drive access of my other computers on the network to push a file to the desktop. I also would rather not have the C drive listed in the "network" section, because I have some users on my network that I could see accidentally deleteing something from the drive, because they're not very savvy computer users.

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