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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Software' started by GeorgeK, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I updated my HP laptop from Win 8 to 8.1, on the Win 8 no login. After Win 8.1 boots there is the opening screen, which I hit the esc key to clear and than put in my pin in the box. Then it gives me the opening screen again, back to the login screen and back to the opening screen and then to the desktop. This happens every time and it will do this cycle at least once and usually twice and sometimes more. I only have to input the pin once. It also is very slow to boot.

    On the install I did change the computer name and the User name. I notice that the User Name on the C: directory tree is the old user name.

    Any Ideas
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    That's your problem right change your credentials, which you shouldn't have. Now you've confused the crap out of the OS and it doesn't know what to do, hence the loop.

    I'm not sure how to go about fixing this other than restoring back to 8 and then upgrade to 8.1. Maybe some with some experience in this matter can help out. This is the first I've seen/heard of this issue.
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    What induced you to change your computer name during an update?

    An 8.1 user credential can be adjusted from Credential Manager (control panel) to allow access to files | logins belonging to a different account without the need to logout and back into the other account… assuming you have access to the other password of course.

    Changing the computer name is more serious… installing again is the best option if you made some sort of clone image before the upgrade.

    or | also

    For example, if I was in this situation and needed an account called PC-1 because my server isp expects that name then I could create a new (admin) account called PC-2 and then delete PC-1… the idea is that I then create a new PC-1 account with the same passwords etc as the other deleted PC-1 account had but that assumes the old PC-1 account had nothing of value because all of it's files will be lost.

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