Win 8.1 machine can't see Win 10 machine


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OK, hre's the specific steps I took to try to share a file on the Win 10 machine:

1. Open File Explorer

2. Drill down to file I want to share

3. Select file that I want to share

4. Click SHARE tab on the ribbon bar

5. Click SPECIFIC PEOPLE in pull down menu

6. Highlight EVERYONE and select READ/WRITE

7. Click SHARE

8. Click NEXT

9. Click DONE

10. Right click the same file


12. Select SECURITY tab

13. Click EVERYONE

14. Click EDIT

15. FULL CONTROL/MODIFY/etc. is already selected and greyed out

16. Click OK

17. Click ADVANCED

18. Select SHARE tab

19. Click EVERYONE

20. FULL CONTOL access is already granted

21. Click OK twice.

That’s it. Did I miss anything? At this point the Wim 8.1 machine still cannot see the shared file on the win10 machine. FWIW, another computer (win 10 Home) cannot see the shared file either. Also, all machines involved have been rebooted after all these steps were completed.

Any suggestions? Thanx again!