win 8 gets stuck when conected to net/wifi..

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by girish, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Jul 23, 2013
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    yesterday i connected my windows 8 lap to net and was downloading a file from torrent. today morning when i got awake, i just shutdown my lap.. after some time when i switchon my laptop, it was working fine.. but whenever i connected to wifi or 3g net., windows 8 get stuck, and i am not able to open internet explorer or chrome. , it prompt me to shutdown using power button. ( not able to shutdown with charms bar) . i am able to open internet explorer/ chrome when net is not connected. please help..
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    You should not be doing that! It is a great way to make a computer sick or certainly greatly increases the odds of it happening.

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    the trouble is with torrents is that they are great hiding places for malware. It's quite possible that you may have picked up a bug. Try this free download and application as it's one of the best for search and destroy:

    Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

    Edit: I just thought to myself if you can't access the net how will you download it but as you've already posted the above then I guess you must have some form of access.
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    Not arguing the point, but some program producers are now sending out, as an alternative, on torrents. As we know, a torrent is merely a file download sharing system. The problem is that anyone who has that particular program, and whose connection is open, can join in. That is where it starts. Not unlike street mugging. There are a minority of bad individuals, who can have a majority effect on the impression of a facility.
    But, latterly (long term - over the last couple of years perhaps), there are sites which load up respectable software, usually of the free or demo variety, for quick access downloading. Some of these have the same built in problem. They have probably been uploaded from easy access sites and have, in turn, picked up some garbage on the way. I always, when available, find the original site before I experiment with anything.
    Apropos absolutely nothing! I wonder how long before those very badly managed and supervised apps start to come with viruses planted within.

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