Windows 8 Win startup script - open a browser full screen on a selected display


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Jan 5, 2023
Hi, is it possible to make a startup script (win 7-10) doing the following:

0. Script starts with the OS.
1. Detects connected to PC displays (I use a TV display, hdmi).
2. Opens a web browser on TV (f.ex. display 1) FULL screen mode.
3. The browser starts with a particular user profile (f.ex. chrome google account)

I tried smth with chrome (--start-fullscreen ), but it does not work.

Opera is also ok.

Regards - Emil


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Jul 4, 2015
You don't need a script you can just specific whichever browser you want and supplied the proper command line switches. You just need to look at the browser support page. For example to start Chrome in kiosk mode to it would be
<pathtochrome>\Chrome.exe  with the arguments --kiosk --guest
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