Win Update Will not open...? (Pic included)

I have just bought a new laptop from iBuyPower for my graduation present, and as soon as I get it I try & update using windows update & it either freezes up on the control panel, or If i get this far it displays this message...

Even after restarting my computer several times it says the same message. I have also scanned my computer multiple times with various anti-spyware programs and anti-virus. I do not understand what is causing this problem. My thoughts as of now are the only way I will be able to resolve this is to re-install windows. If anyone knows anything on this weird occurrence, please help!

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Check if the two services are running, Windows Update and Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Also, try to use Microsoft Fixit:

Also, sometimes windows thinks the service is not running when it really is. So you can try:
1. Stop the Windows Update service on your Windows 7
Go to Start. Type services.msc in search box.Press Enter
Windows Service dialog will appear. Scroll to Windows Update service and right click to select the Stop option.

2. Go to folder with path C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ . Delete all the files and folder within this folder.

3. Once you have deleted the contents, go back to services dialog and similar to step 1, start the Windows Update service. All the files and folders will be recreated.

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Thanks for the help zvit, I did all the steps you included & windows still says the exact same message when I try to update. I'll try this 'fixit' but doubt they'll be able to help. haha.

Windows fixit had no similar problem related to mine in any of their categories. I have no idea how to fix this. I set the services to automatic & as soon as I restart, they change back to automatic delayed. This must be some kind of virus that is stopping my computer from updating.


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A virus is a common reason for the problem.
Second best is that the OS is a BEta?? I see the date on the computer is a week old, but maybe an older stored picture?
Try the built in trouble shooter.Windows 7 does include a Windows Update repair.
Control Panel - Troubleshooting (icon view) - select "Fix problems with Windows Updates".


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It's worth performing a system file check, for integrity violations.
Run Command prompt as admin and type "SFC /scannow"

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