Win XP PC can’t access Win 7 share-Also unable to turn off password protected sharing


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I am having trouble connecting from my work Win XP (Pro) desktop machine to a new work Win 7 (Enterprise) desktop to sync my work files to it. The XP PC can see my personal Win 7 (ultimate) PC that was upgraded from Vista Ultimate. Win 7 to Win 7 is ok.

I have read and followed a lot of posts to no avail.
Specifically I have followed the advice in "How to make Windows 7 work with older Windows versions for networking and file sharing" located here: How to make Windows 7 work with older Windows versions for networking and file sharing.

- all machines are in the same workgroup
- sometimes the work Win 7 PC doesn’t see the XP PC.
- The work Win 7 network is defined as a 'home' network. Same for the other Win 7 PC.
- I’m using the same user account with the same password on all PCs
- firewalls are disabled on both boxes

- Advanced Network settings
- Network discovery in ON
- File and Printer Sharing is ON
- Public folder sharing is ON
- password protected sharing is ON – I can’t save this to OFF. When I change it and go back, it’s on again.
- Allow Windows to manage Homegroup connections

- the shared D drive in Win 7 says its shared (its not in the public tree)
- On folder Advanced setting security, 'Everyone' has been added & has full control permissions
- On folder Advanced setting sharing it says "People must have a user account and password for this computer to access shared folders"

I ran "regedit.exe",
then went here: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\limitblankpassworduse
and changed it from "1" to "0".

The guest account password is blank. The guest account is off.

In the security policy,
-guest account is enabled
-Network access: sharing and security model for local accounts, classic-local users authenticate as themselves

Win 7 firewall is off. XP firewall-some settings set by group policy. File and print sharing is checked, group policy no.

On the XP box the win7 machine appears in the Network list under the workgroup.
I can see the shared D drive. When I click on the share, it says I might not have permissions to use this network resource.

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