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using windows 1o with firefox, recently read about snapfish and lenovo machines, although my laptop is not lenove, my tablet is, I decided to check, so checking firefox, options advance, view certificates, I checked my certificates, I am clear of snapfish but noticed there are a number of certificates from:

Equifax; Go daddy . com, inc; (no spaces betwwen . and com but posting advised it is a sneaky URL) Taiwan; Hongkong Post; Japanese Government; Turkey & Wells Fargo: all say they are builtin object token also under the Servers tab, never have used yahoo The USERTRUST Network and again Equifax:

what are they and can I get rid, all help and advice appreciated


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You really should not muck with your certificates unless you know what you are doing. The Go Daddy certificates are there because they are a root provider of such certificates, so any certificate signed with Go Daddy's will need them in order to successfully initiate SSL communications. Same with the Equifax and other root providers. You'll see these certs embedded in IE/Chrome/Firefox and Windows itself so that it can successfully encrypt network traffic to any sites that use those providers for SSL certificates.

If you are worried about 3rd party certificates that might have been added you can close down firefox, to to your AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox folder, find your profile folder, and delete the cert8.db file within it. Restart Firefox and it should recreate the default certs. Always backup your profile folder before messing with it!


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thank you very much, I appreciate your help and advice

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