Win7 PPPoE connection Error


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Sorry if in wrong thread im new. I have win 7 pro 64 bit. I use route sentry to split my cap into local and international. But now i cant use it cause i cant dial up a pppoe. :eek: When i create a connection it tests line and gives error 797. When i try to dial up it sais "this connection isnt availible because there is a problem with your modem or network adapter":confused: I have a 2mb line with a linksys wag200g router. It doesnt see my modem as far as i understand!!!

heres the ipconfig check attachment.


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ok fixed it but now my pc freezes after startup like 10 sec in desktop. and ya my services is corrupt. error 1068.
how di i fix it


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I'm glad you fixed your problem.
Though it is possible to set up your connection so you don't need to "dial-in" to PPPoE.
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