Winbubble locked me out


I just installed winbubble on my system with Win 7 Ult. 64 bit. The install went without a problem. I checked the box to force login name and password. On reboot all login names and passwords do not work.

I do have a tri boot system with XP S3, and Win 7 32, which currently are still excessible. I don't consider myself a true geek by any means, but my knowledge is well above average.

Can anyone give me some tips on a method to correct the problem.

You can try system restore, or simply log in without typing in anything in case your account actually has no password.

Yes, well.... I did find it rather hard to get back to this thread, so at this time I can only blame it on beginers lack of .......

Anyway, I was able to gain accesses to the OS....first way is to use a password tool to crack the system. after that I did discover that if you have your guest login choice active you can log into that to boot up, or other sign on that does not have a password.

Once you are logged on, you can hit the start button and on the command line, type command, and at the top of the screen at the dos cmd Icon, right click and choose run as administrator.

In the dos window type... "net user Guest /active:yes"

Guest being the account that you signed in on and did not have a password assigned to it.

this should give GUEST admistrative privilges and allow you to make the nessesary changes to the system. You will find that Windows will still have pop ups which will ask for a password for the administrator account, but with me, my usual password did work at this point.

You must gain access to the Winbubble shell and change all areas that effected sign on, back to default. that will cure the problem..eventually.. hope this will helps others.



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Hi TM,

Surly logging in as Guest and running cmd as Administrator will ask for admin password?



Yes it did, as I indicated, windows did ask for the administrators password several times, but I was signed in as guest so I could not make the changes needed utill I gave that account admin privileges. The admin password worked at that point, and while I did not actually try to change users to admin, I was afraid I would be locked out again if I tried logging off and switching. As a side note I found I had to delete winbubbles then reinstall from the guest account as it would not load to the account it was not installed in. Once re-installed I was able to change everything back and problem solved.


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