Windows 10 Windows 10: Advice for new users-


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Hello everyone! I’m going to advise anyone who might be new to the Windows 10 Operating System on some of the finer nuances of Windows 10.

First and foremost, should you come across the insider program (IP here out), if you are using a “production machine”, to mean, a PC/LAPTOP/Tablet that you will be using to do daily functions as banking, accounting, real estate or anything dealing with the necessity to protect your Data, STAY AWAY from the IP program. The test builds that will come out on the different upgrade rings will be rough and will surely, cause you to have to reinstall windows 10. The IP program is meant to test builds for issues and if you are using a system that doesn’t contain any sensitive data, then go for it.

Windows 10 is a perpetual work in progress. This is to say, while Windows 10 will be the last OS Microsoft will develop ever! Microsoft will continue to update the OS as new technologies arrive, think along the lines of the Apple OS for their computers. That OS is continually being updated at certain intervals.

So in closing, keep your system, assuming it is a production or sensitive system away from any test builds. I know there will be a temptation to want to try a new build with some new hyped feature and to be one of the “first” to try it. If you are in the insider program, consider keeping your update ring set to “Preview Release” ring. This will ensure that you get the public updates and will protect you from the rough builds.