Windows 10 on windows core

Hi There,
I have recently upgraded a machine from windows 8 to windows 10, when I try to upgrade the windows 10 home to pro I kept getting the same error. While searching for solutions I came across how to check version of windows and used slmgr/dlv in cmd prompt. The result I got was surprising as it refers to the machine still using windows core, checked this again and again still got the same result. Went to the run dialog typed winver and it came back as windows 10 home. So what the hell is going on. The machine is a lenovo thinkpad


Hi Tony! Above my pay grade. I get the same thing you do. I guess contact MS?? I don't have the answer! I running Toshiba Satellite! My rig is running great W10 Home Edition!



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The "Free Windows Upgrade" is not the real Home or Pro editions. They are missing features. If you want Windows 10 Pro then I would buy the license and do a clean install. If you're not using this machine for a business then the Home Upgrade version is more than adequate

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