windows 10

I have a computer with 3 disks
C: windows 10
D: en E: met data
I have Windows 10 and i don't see the disks D and E
How can ik find them?


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Have you looked for them in Disk Managment?
Right click on the Windows Start Icon and Select "Disk Management".

Check there and if you can post a picture of what you see there.

If it shows the drives you may need to assign drive letters or something like that.


I don't see the disks



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I'm not sure what's going on...
I'll insert your image here in hopes that you will get something more helpful from someone else more knowledgeable about hardware.

I see 2 physical hard drives, drive 0, and drive 1.
Drive 0 that has your OS on it, has a capacity of only 119.24 Gigabytes, and Disk 1 has a capacity of only 3.64 Gigabytes.

Can you tell us what type of drive the one labeled "disk 1 exchangeable" actually is?

What physical drive you expect to see the other drives on, what did the configuration look like before you installed Windows 10?

How big a drive was it?

One of the other people here should be able to give you some help.



I called Microsoft and they told me to update my drivers, i had to take contact with ACER, i did that and ACER told me my laptop is not compatble with Windows 10, my computershop told me to buy 2 new HDD and then it should work


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If Acer say your computer is no good for Windows 10 then imo getting more harddrives will not help... its only 700mb (300 of which will be lost on new drives anyway) in any case and thats not worth spending $ on but it's your money so good luck.


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I agree with usnorway, on this.
By the time you buy new hard drives you will have spent a good part of what you would have to spend for a new computer.

You can get something like this....,p_n_size_browse-bin:2242801011

For under $300 it's hardly worth spending money on an older computer.
For a little more you can get something more powerful.

A computer like this should easily update to Windows 10.


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