Windows 11 Windows 11 Home keeps changing to Education


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I bought this Lenovo Ideapad 3 two months ago and I keep having this issue that no one seems to understand and Lenovo refuses to do anything saying it’s not covered under warranty and that it’s a Microsoft issue.

I have Windows 11 Home. A few weeks ago I see it’s saying “Activate Windows” and that I don’t have a valid license. Microsoft support helped me to restore Windows 11 Home. It was back for two days then I opened my laptop and the same thing happened. I never downloaded anything so I’m not sure what happened. I am a student and microsoft is saying that because I logged into Canvas….through the browser…. That my college some how changed it to Education. Never mind the fact I am a Senior and my last laptop never had this issue. My school doesn’t even offer windows education. I checked with their IT department.

Well now it won’t even let me get Home back nor reset the PC. At all. Nothing. What’s worse is that I can’t even chat with Microsoft support anymore either. I don’t know what to do. I can’t do my schoolwork, I can’t figure this out, and I can’t return the laptop. Please someone must know what is going on and can help me. Thank you!
I've seen sparse references to a bug that can cause this.
If the system has a digital embedded entitlement key you should be able to activate it with the generic home license and the digital key should activate.

Run the command: slmgr /dlv to confirm it does not show home

If it does show education, you can try the following key to downgrade the system to home