Windows 11 Windows 11 - Regular "not responding" message in all apps.

To find what is causing these errors:
Try to use the Reliability monitor that is built into windows:

There you may see any errors and even find possible solutions to the errors.
I had Windows 11 instability both with Google Chrome browser, and Brave browser. ie <app> "not responding" errors every 2-3 days.
So after googling it seems both browsers use a lot of memory, so I tried restricting to at most 2 tabs open at any one time. And I have had no more <app> "not responding" errors for several days. So it seems Brave and Chrome browsers are the culprit. They both claim to be fast, but this clearly comes at high instability price. I googled and found:
which recommends Opera which I will try.
Thanks all
Update: I tried testing Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge with all running same website.
Brave is by far the less memory hungry, at task manager.
Chrome 430MB, Opera 383MB, Brave 238MB, Edge 237MB
So it seems I need to use Brave, with at most 3 tabs open.
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