Windows 7- 64 bit, Impressive so far!!


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I just installed Win 7 ultimate 64bit on my year old refurbished Gateway 1625 with an AMD Turion x2 tl-60 with 4 gigs ram and an ati 1270 integrated graphics chip.

So lets say this is not the best hardware but pretty good fit for Win 7 or it should be from what I have read and been told.

I had Windows Vista 32 on this machine before and it was good. Honestly I thought Vista was a fairly decent os. It had it quirks and limitations and the pricing structure at that time was crazy. Anyway, there were things I really liked about Vista and things I really did not like. It was a big improvement over XP in my opinion. It just had a hefty performance price.

I have only installed the 64 bit version so far a few days but overall I think Microsoft has resolved all of the problems with Vista and added a lot of functionality without getting in your way. The look and feel is really very impressive. There is a lot of similarity between 7 and Vista but overall 7 is very responsive. I feel as though the laptop got a speed boost right away. The log in time is faster. Applications on first run open faster. Overall the performance is greatly enhanced while still feeling very stable. I think MS really listened to customer input and have come out with a great product. I enjoy using it and that is what computing should be. I think that is what Apple had capitolized on for so many years.

It still has some of the feel of good old windows. Monolithic it is still and the filesystem has not changed. I thought there would be a more modular approach. Maybe I am wrong on this but I don't think so. That being said I really have no complaints or problems yet. I did have a minor issue with a webcam driver that will install but not work? Other than that I have better battery life, processor runs just a little cooler, everything I do seems responsive and quick. Using older hardware and getting a performance bump is pretty much a very positive indicator to me. I do not have benchmark tests my experience is completely subjective to my experience only but I use Linux, OSX, and Win7 and enjoy them all. They all have some anoyances from time to time but all have there independant strengths as well.

Anyway, I just wanted to relay my experience so far and put a thumbs up for Microsoft, they have a winner!!:D



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I started out using the Windows 7 Beta when it first came out. I liked it immediately for all the reasons you mentioned. At first I was dual booting it with XP x64 Edition. Then when the RC came out I replaced XP with it. I don't regret it at all. W7 works great.

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