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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Hello Fellow Windows 7 Users:D
    I have been running the Windows 7 now for 9 weeks and to tell the truth, I think that this could end up being the best Microsoft Release Candidate since Windows XP.
    There are some bugs mainly being with the Virus/ Spyware Programs, they all seem to have one problem or another.
    The other issue is with anyone that has the NVIDIA services running on auto will end up with a definitions update from their virus carrier.
    I hope that Windows 7 along with NVIDIA will iron out this problems so that the virus programs will function with full compatability.
    Other than that I think that this is a great running program, It has the looks, the capability and the security to match.
    As this is a beta that I am running, I do expect bugs but I did not expect this to run so good, I am impressed.:rolleyes:
    Just to let you know, I am running the Windows 7 build 7000 64 bit and so far it is great.

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