Windows 7 Adoption Slower Than Expected: Report


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A new poll suggests that adoption of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system by IT (information technology) organizations is proceeding slower than expected. The survey found that just one in four companies reported having already moved to the operating system, while more than half said they'd not made any progress in doing so.

The poll comes courtesy of Unisys Corp., a Pennsylvania-based provider of IT services and technologies. It conducted the survey of 133 firms two months ago, and found that 53 per cent of all respondents reported that they either "haven't started" moving to Windows 7 or have no plans in place to do so. (Source: -- Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online)

Windows XP Demise Not Scary Enough
Only 25 per cent of respondents said their organization was currently using Windows 7, while another 21 per cent indicated that a migration process to the new OS was currently under way. (Source: Daily Channel News)

It's a surprising finding given that Microsoft's support for Windows XP is rapidly coming to an end. Termination of support is due in April 2014, which will mean no more free security patches. Beyond that point, using Windows XP could be a dangerous gamble for business and home users alike.

To encourage migration to Windows 7, Microsoft has even released a Desktop Gadget that counts down to XP's demise.

Corporations May Look for XP Extension
Unisys vice president for Global IT Outsourcing Solutions Sam Gross said he believes companies need to do more to get ready for that eventuality.

"Our view as a service provider is that corporations are not doing the regular horizon-level planning that they ought to be doing in the desktop area," Gross said.

"Their whole end-point strategy is up in the air right now, and I think that's true across the industry. The problem is, Microsoft is going to own the timing and drive the timing. Corporations are going to be looking to Microsoft for extended support at a fee -- anything they can do to drag it on."

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