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Jan 28, 2009
Hi Gang

New to Windows 7 like most of the people on here. I have been using Yahoo as my Mail provider, and new to this Hotmail. Has any one been able to get an idea of how good it is, and one problem I have been having is the fonts, they wont change or to get the fonts to enlarge. Any one having this problem also.?

Any and all help appreciated.

I've been using hotmail for about 10 years now.. at first I didn't really like it that much due to lack of features.. but I have to admit for a free email service it's come a long ways in the past decade.. they offer far more storage space than they used to and it does have quite a few new features or "improved" features.. all in all it's not bad for a free email service... ;) I'm not sure how to fix the font problem your having though unfortunately.. I don't use hotmail for much now besides "family oriented" emails so I don't really do much editing with it....
Hi Radenight

Thanx for the reply. I am new to it but old to Yahoo mail, I have been using it for a lot of years. Oh well maybe some one will come along that knows an little more about Hotmail.

I've used Hotmail and to a lesser extent Yahoo mail. I'd say they're both pretty close together. Personally I liked Gmail better - it doesn't try to act like a standalone mail client and it works really well, especially like using the POP3 interface with Outlook or Evolution.

In the end I'd say they're all not so far away. You'd probably have to trial them yourself to have a good idea because many of the differences you'll find most important are probably different for you than anyone else.
Hi nmn

You are right there, to each his own. No matter what e-mail you have there is always going to be good and bad points, some things you like and some you don't. There are a few things I don't like about Yahoo mail, and I have just tolerated them until I decide on a new one. So far I really like this Hotmail, even though they say it is not one of the best. Yahoo mail is supposed to be one of the best, and yet it really has some annoying problems. Like you have to run Yahoo messenger to get a vocal e-mail notice. I don't do this instant message thing. And some sites like PCmech when you get a post to your thread, you don't get a notice through Yahoo mail. It use to work but Yahoo changed some thing and now that don't work.

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