Windows 7 Windows 7 and which Vista to use?


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Does anyone know with absolute certainty.....

if I am running only Windows 7 RC, would I need a full Vista install or would an upgrade only install work? I am purchasing tomorrow and I want to make sure to get the correct one. I thought I read somewhere that you could not do an upgrade Vista install if you were running Windows 7 and needed a full instead.

Thanks for the reply kevin....

No, I am going to vista home for both laptop and desktop. laptop running windows 7 rc. desktop running xp. i know i can buy the upgrade disc for vista home for windows xp. do i need an upgrade or full install disc if i am upgrading from windows 7 rc on laptop? like i said, not sure if you can run only "upgrade" from windows 7.

also, in your opinion, better to go with vista home basic or home premium? coming from ubuntu and sabayon the past two years so i am a little out of loop on windows vista and what i need to run it as my only os. Thanks Kevin.
Vista basic doesn't have aero which everybody wants. You'd want home premium. Much better product. Also If you have windows 7 on your machine vista won't be able to upgrade. I'd suggest putting xp back in and then using the upgrade version if its a big difference in price.
Windows 7 is just a test. The original os if there was one would need to be put back in and authenticated to get the upgrade version to work. Not certain though.
You can buy the Upgrade Media and still do clean installs with it.. ;) You have to install twice to activate it this way but it's worth it and saves you quite a chunk of change.. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR AN OS.. ;)

It's just like the old times upgrading from 98 to XP.

It simply asks for the disk, ejects it immediately and setup begins again.