Windows 7 Black screen

When i turned on PC (win 7 ultimate 86x) nothing appeared (not even bios). Monitor didnt even react (no signal). And it was recently installed.

Tried to reset bios(with battery), insert other pci express video card.

when i inserted hdd to other pc - it loads. Everything is good.

But then i thought.. Wth??

Waiting for help.:p


Your monitor has blown capacitors in it. Replace the monitor (or test with another.)

Unless the other machine was identical 100%, your HDD now has the wrong drivers and will bsod upon boot when in the original machine.

Tried with 3 diferent monitors - no change.
I changed hdd's after the error of black screen. So i tried to see what is wrong - video card, ram, hdd... etc...

Two things...

Does the motherboard make any beeping noises?

Did you hook up the internal power connector to the video card?


Actually, one more thing. If the motherboard has onboard video, plug the monitor into the motherboard. Go into the bios and set the first display device to be PCI-e.

Power off, connect monitor to card, then try to boot.

I connected additional power to pci express video card. Tried to insert to integrated.

-->Motherboard dont make any noices<--- I thought before that this is suspicious. Its not my computer so i dont know that it must make any noices

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Wait, so you're saying that the monitor is fine and all monitors you try to connect to the pc will not work too....

That means that the cable is broken.

Use another cable.

Cables was from monitors, so tried 3x cables :D
I think the error is deeper - maybie mother board, or bios error... But windows 7 caused that, with win xp everything was fine..

Whatever the problem may be, Windows 7 can not and did not cause it.

If many monitors, many cables and trying onboard video and video card all did not produce good results, then you have some kind of hardware issue.

Perhaps a bad psu or an incorrectly mounted motherboard.

I would take the motherboard out of the case, place it on a nice anti-static surface, and build the system quickly like that. See how it goes.

build the system quickly like that - explain to me pls:)

Edit: Btw Pc was working correctly for 3+ years with windows xp

Yep, I hear operating system, any operating system, can not cause the post startup to fail or not show, so you can forget about the coincidence of which OS you have now.

What I mean is to build the system entirely without using the case, but that may be a little difficult if you don't know what you're doing, especially if you don't know how to start it up without the switch from the case.

Basically, you'd have to short the pins on the motherboard to make it think the switch has turned it on. Not really for someone without experience doing these things.

I suppose best to bring it to the shop.

U ment case- computer box without motherboard etc?
I self experienced to biuld computer. I can do it without problems.
English is not my main language, so its dificult to understand sometimes, i need to read ur post several times to understand so.. Sry for stupid questions etc.. ^^ Thnx for ur help, ill try to use all parts of pc exept motherboard and procesor to other pc- try to understand whats wrong.. But still my main opinion is that motherboard burned.

Yes, motherboard could be bad.

That is why you should test outside of case. Take everything out of case. Put the case in the closet.

Build system without the case. Then turn it on by using a jumper on the pins that the case switch would normally go to.

This will rule out any bad mounting in the case, which is common.

Good luck.

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