Windows 7 Windows 7 blocking wireless clients


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Jan 25, 2009
Haven't seen this in any of the threads, so thought I would post it here. I have a small network running at home. 3 XP desktops, 3 Vista desktops, XP laptop, and a linux box all wired connections to a Cisco router. I also have a linksys WRT54G AP configured for WPA for my wireless devices, playstation, touch, etc. I added a wired Windows 7 box to the DMZ about two weeks ago and had no issues with the inside network. I moved the Windows 7 box to the inside network and with 24 hours, wireless clients were unable to join the network. Wireless devices that were already connected had no issues with connectivity, but any device that was off or a sleep could not reconnect. The clients that are trying to connect, get prompts for the network password. The WPA pass phrase does not allow the client to connect even though it is correct. The Windows 7 box should not have anything to do with the DHCP service, which is provided by the Cisco router. This situation is completely repeatable. I have moved the W7 box in and out of the network and this condition only occurs when the W7 box is on the inside network. File sharing and everything works fine with the W7 box on the inside network.:confused: Any ideas?
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