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Windows 7 windows 7 blue screen


New Member
May 18, 2009

I've downloaded Windows 7 a while ago (the rc1) and tried to install it on my pc.
Its een HP d230m

CPU= 2.8ghz P4
mainboard = intel based HP mainboard (nr128)
Ram= 768mb ddr

First issue i had was booting from the dvd. no mather what i tried, it wouldn't boot and gave me a code 5 error. after searching the net, i read about a corrupt dvd. burnt it about 5 times at low speeds with another burning app everytime, still no result. still the code 5 error.

then i tried my old amd system (amd athlon xp 2400+ with an gigabyte mainbord. @ that system the setup started without any problem, setup completed, but the system ran a little slow.

Everyting else is the same in the systems (hd, dvd-roms, ram, pci cards, input devices, monitor, etc.

the thing that annoys me is why won't it boot on my HP system???
So after some searching around i found out that windows 7 uses an UDF file-system, and my bios seems to only boot from an ISO file-system.
So i found an boot-disk (from gajin) and was able to boot from DVD on my HP system :D
Setup started, no issue's was pretty fast (about half an hour) and then the first reboot came.
the animated screen comes on, the windows logo loades and the pc goed to blue screen and reboots.

I just tried to install it with an crt monitor on the on-board video card, no result.
Now i'm gonna try to boot it on a low resolution, maybe that will help, but in the mean time what could it be??

(if it hangs again, i'll post the blue screen details)

Blue screen details:
*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x87B2BF78, 0x80D86894, 0x80D86470)
Last time I tried installing windows 7 rc1 it had an different error code (i take pictures :) ) but i don't think that has something to do with this.
PS: my memory banks are both alright, did a memtest a week ago, and it passed 4 tests.
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Hello and welcome.

this has been documented before

Please look over the threads at the bottom of this page.
Well, i tried a couple of things and it seams that windows 7 crashes because of the drivers of the graphics card.

Hooked up my old amd system and installed within an hour :)

works alright for now,

Is there a way to install another driver for my graphics gard?
do have one on spare, but that one also doest seem to work on that system but works on the amd system :S