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I decided to make a new post about this, since I know I'm not the only one on this forum with M-Audio sound cards.

When I updated W7 to a new build (7048 and newer), I found that I was having compatibility issues. I could get the audio to work perfect, but the computer would hang on the shutdown screen. It actually took me quite a while to isolate the issue, since I did not know at the time what may be causing it. As it turns out, this issue is well documented on the M-Audio forums, and there is a workaround to solve the issue until m-audio actually releases a proper driver. (knowing them, it may be years before that happens.)

Note: I couldn't get the link to work, so I made the file myself following the directions. It is actually faster to just make your own than it is to hunt for the one he made.

As many know there is a problem shutting down or restarting W7 Build 7048,7057,7067(and most likely newer builds) after installing Delta drivers.

I don't think M-Audio will release new drivers anytime soon to fix the problem and I doubt Microsoft will bother to do anything.Link Removed due to 404 Error

So here is a simple fix I came up with:

1) Create a .bat file (create txt file and change extention to .bat) or you can download file from link below unzip file to main drive ie: \"C:\Audio Stop\" and skip to step 4:

2) Right Click on newly created .bat file >\"edit\" and enter following info:

net stop \"Audiosrv\"
net stop \"AudioEndpointBuilder\"

3) Save file as \"Audio stop\"(or whatever you want) to your main drive ie: C:\Audio stop

4) Open \"run\" from start menu and enter \"gpedit.msc\" (without quotes) and hit \"OK\"

5) Now navigate from right pain of window \"User Configuration\" > \"Windows Settings\" > \"Scripts (Logon/Logoff)\" > \"Logoff\"

6) From window that opens from clicking \"Logoff\" Click \"Add\" then browse to where you saved \"Audio Stop.bat\" earlier and double click on it

7) Hit \"Apply\" and close.

You are done

Window7 will now Automatically stop the Audio services when Shutting Down or Restarting allowing system to complete the process.

Now we can enjoy W7 again​

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Link Removed due to 404 Error

I hope this helps the rest of you out. Cheers.