Windows 7 Dell Studio 15 laptop connecting to FIOS router but not internet

The speed still seems a little slow after some use, in addition, my dock is now gone, as are all my gadgets, how do I make them reappear?

Got it, I forgot to set the start up back to "Normal Startup" in the msconfig menu. When I rebooted the gadgets and the dell dock reappeared.

I'll see if I can pinpoint an exact application that's slowing me down, although I pinged my IP address and it told me that everything was ok, 4 sent 4 received and it happened very quickly. However when I try to ping webpages I get a 25%-50% loss, not sure if that's normal.

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Here's some stuff may well help:

Check Firmware Updates.
Check Network Adapter driver update
Uninstall the Network adapters & reboot
Same time - power cycle modem & router... let modem lock before powering the router.
Clone MAC address in router.


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I don't think the problem lies within the router since the same problem happens when I try using a wired connection.

I used the selective reboot again, only rebooting Microsoft services and the anti virus and the internet is still slow with some pages loading faster than others (when I previously did this, internet speeds were fine). Maybe FIOS is having issues in the area or something.

This stuff is way over my head but I'll keep at it to see what I can find. Thanks for all the replies thus far. If any other suggestions come across please let me know.


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I ha really thought the Vernon post would help , coming directly from them. Try going to Start > Run, type and typee cnd, Now type ping

My res[pse was about 45 ms, whar was your?

Nit type"[http:/" withou the quatations

Dyd the page koad Faster?

Internet speeds this morning are a lot faster, it took me about 44 ms max to ping, average 22 ms. I also have no connectivity issues, it lasted throughout the night.

Very odd.


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hope it keeps it's speed


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Just to be clear....we are no longer talking about a connection dropping issue??
We are now talking about "All computers on the network ran very slow" ???
And if you turn off the Dell, how do the rest of the computers perform????
And when you say running slow, do you just mean loading web pages or are you talking about overall system and or network performance?????
Four questions we need clarification on

I found the culprit...the internet has been running smoothly all day....until I tried to re-sync my PS3 to my soon as I did...connection dropped. Deleted PS3 media server, everything is well again.

Any idea as to why the connection drops when I attempt to sync my PS3 to my laptop? It's no big deal if I can't, but I did want the ability to watch my movies and episodes on my PC downstairs on my 60" the mean time I'll have to make due with the 22" HD monitor.

Overall I'm relieved to at least have found what's responsible. Unusual that the PS3 media server application I had would cause these problems.

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