Windows 7 Extended Security Updates


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I called Microsoft a couple days ago and tried to order the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. I was told I will be going through a third party to receive my updates. I just received an email message from a tech company in Denver.

Is this how it's going to work, then? I have to deal with an outside "vendor" to get my updates? How do I decide who my "vendor" or my new "Solution Provider" should be? They picked this person for me, but how do I know we'll be a good "fit"? If these vendors get the updates directly from Microsoft, which they then will pass on to me, why can't I get my own updates directly from Microsoft?

How do I know the tech provider company that was given my name is even legit? Won't whoever I ultimately pick have access to my computer in order to download the regular updates to me also? Having Microsoft with direct access to my computers is one thing, but now I have to deal with a business I know nothing about?

This tech advisor I just heard from also quoted a price that was different than what I was given from the phone person from Microsoft a few days ago. He also said I can order remote support for an additional fee.

These are all legitimate concerns and questions. I would appreciate any feedback on these issues. Thank you!


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Thank you, Neemobeer. I'll check it out and come back if I need some clarification. :) EDIT: I just took a peek, and yes, this looks very helpful. Thank you so much.