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when i purchased my computer quite a few years back it had Vista installed but came with a free upgrade for windows 7. I upgraded free online but have since had problems with my computer and had to factory restore it back to vista. i'm now wondering if the Vista key on the bottom of laptop is compatable for both, it was so long ago i've forgotten if i was ever given a windows 7 key. Be grateful if someone can shed some light on this


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Microsoft recently changed the way Windows is activated and chances are if you use the original upgrade media it should automatically activate. Microsoft now has an online database of activations and I'm sure your's would have been logged. As to whether it would work with a different version or copy of windows 7 I'm unsure. Chances are is that the licence is what's called OEM and cannot be transferred.

I agree with @kemical ! Here's my thoughts if you're wanting to up grade to W10. Create a back up image of your OS on a external drive and give the upgrade a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! ;):up:
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