Windows 7 help, winupd.ddl ?

Windows 7 help, winupd.ddl ? Every time I turn on my computer it comes up that windows cannot open the file winupd.ddl and that I should either use web to find a correct program to open or select a program thats on my computer already. I thik its something to do with windows update?


Sounds like malware in action to me. I'd download Malwarebytes, install, run and update its definitions. Then scan the machine with it. Let it remove anything it finds.

If not malware, then something starting with Windows isn't correct. You can check on that by typing msconfig in the start menu and hitting enter. Then go to startup tab. If you'd like help with that, please post a screenshot of this.


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I agree. I think spyware has got into your system.. Winupd is often a target for this.

Yes, be sure to scan your system for malware (e.g. Malwarebytes).

Run Autoruns for Windows and check for a file called winupd.dll and uncheck the autostart entry for it.

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