Windows 7 Windows 7 installaion freezes at Completeing installation

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May 4, 2009
I'm trying to install windows 7 release candidate (build 7100) x86 on a machine that was previously running windows vista home premium x86 with no problems at all.

The entire setup goes nice and smooth until I get to the "Completing installation" part, then it just hangs there. I've left it there for at least 6 hours and still nothing happens. (The dots however, do move)

I've tried unplugging all my usb devices and even my mouse and keyboard but still have the same problem.

Anyone know what I should do? :S
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First off did you do an 'upgrade' or clean install?? What are your system specs?

If you did an upgrade than I'd suggest reinstalling but this time do a Clean Install.. :) I would still unplug all your USB devices as well just to rule out any potential problems.. Also, download any drivers you know your going to need prior to the installation just in case Win 7 doesn't automatically find them.. such as Ethernet and Chipset.. ;)
I tried upgrading and doing clean install, both got stuck at the same part.
I have also tried unpluging ALL my usbs (I even mentioned that in the first post)

My specs are:
Amd Athlon 3500 processor
1GB PC-3200 ram
6150 LE integrated video card.
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It could be a SATA driver causing the problem.. perhaps you need to install one prior to the installation.. If you are indeed using a SATA HDD that is.. ;)

Yes I know you said you unplugged your USB devices in the first post, I didn't say that you didn't.. I was just stating that it would be a good idea to do so when doing a clean install as well since I didn't know that you already tried a clean install.. :)
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