Windows 7 Windows 7 Key


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I'm preparing to do a clean re-installation of my OS, but I've only been able to locate one of the two licenses that I have, and I'm uncertain to which computer it belongs to. Therefore, I want to check what the license key is on the current installation.

I've tried several programs that are supposed to be able to provide this info, but the ones I've tried so far only see the product key, not the license key. In addition it doesn't even see that SP1 is installed, nor that the installation has been activated, even though the data on the System window clearly states the SP and activation. That program is Belarc Advisor, but WinKeyFinder has the same results.

I tried to download 2 or 3 other programs, but BitDefender blocks their webpage. Can someone suggest one that will work, and not be blocked?
Perhaps you read my question too quickly, because I specifically mentioned Belarc as one of the programs that I tried that didn't work for me.