Windows 7 lookalike behind Windows 10?


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I was writing some basic batch code and discovered F11 and ALT+ENTER worked to maximize cmd. However, if you spammed it fast enough, you could see something that looks a bit like windows 7 pop up at the minimize and maximize buttons. can someone explain this?


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I could see a brief flashing screen, but too short to examine.
For curiosity, why do you use that key combination. Is it something connected with batch files?
I use F11, or the square top right.


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Here's a picture from the video:
I use ALT+ENTER to maximize my screen because my keyboard has to use FN keys to activate the real purpose of F keys (I know you can change this in BIOS but I like it like this).


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Shift+Ctrl+Win+arrow can maximize, minimize and dock a window on the sides or quarter screen