Windows 7 Media player!

Hey! I am not quite sure where should i post this thread, so i post it here.

The problem IS NOT with Windows Media player. WMP works fine! the problem is that it automaticly starts with W7. and that i cannot turn it off. Even when i shut down the process, after 2 sec a new one starts! is there anything i can do? i do NOT WANT Windows Media Player to start automaticly!



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Hello Exinferis

Go to Start > Run, and type msconfig, click the Startup tab and uncheck it here. In fact you can uncheck all entries except for your anti-virus software.

If it isn't located there , go the the Stat Menu and look i the Startup folder.

Thanks, but thats not it. Its not that i do not know how to turn something to not run on start up. The thing is, once i end the task in task manager, it automaticly makes a new one! i press to " end task" 2 sec,s and once again i see "wmp.exe" ;/ Any ideas?


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Are you sharing media files over the network with Windows Media later?

If not, go to Start > Run, and type services.msc.Scroll down until you see Windows Media Network Sharing Serve,stop it and set it to disabled.

I have done what You said. I entered into Task manager, and Ended the task" Wmplayer" and still after 2 sec, the task automaticly starts again, and Windows media player runs. It seems to me that i have no program that would be using WMplayer. I listen to muysic on Itunes, watch videos on VLC. Nothing on Windows Media Player. Only my Logitech G15 keyboard screen shows that WMpllayer is playing/stopped/paused. Nothing more.

Thanks for the help!


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You fist named the file as wmp.exe, when WMP is wplayer,exe

Have you performed a complete virus scan on your computer?

Did this occur immediately after install?

When i right click on the WMplayer.exe task, and open the folder from where this task is ran, the folder that is opened is "Windows Media Player" . Additionaly, as i said i have a Logitech G15 Keyboard which shows a lot of sutff, eg. What song is played on Windows Media Player. And when i end the task, the name of the song shown on the display doesnt change.
I did a Virus check long time ago. I am not sure which Anti Virus should i use, as i was using AVG but i heard there are some problems with AVG + W7. Any recomendations?


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You mean you don't have any virus protection at all?

Could you post a screen shot of Task Manager expand the windows so we can see the path of the files.

Is there a file named wmp.exe in the list?

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Well, Im short after a Format, so no, i do not have any.

Heres the link : ImageShack -

most of the text is In Polish, as thats my language :p


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I would immediately download a free virus scan like AVG or Avira,

You also have too many things running on startup. Go to Start > Run, type msconfig, click the Startup tab and uncheck all entries.

Let me know how it goes after a virus scan.

BTW, what was the reason for the format?

I downloaded AVG 9.0, Updated it, and ran a slow scan. I have no viruses on my pc, however, as i think of it right now, acctually my PC is running slower than usually. Additionally, I managed to Close the Wmplayer.exe task after i cloes the additional one, the Windows Media player gadgets. Right now it seems that the task doesnt "re appear". However, My keyboard screen still shows as if WIndows Media Player was still on, even though the tasks are ended.

Thanks for Help!

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