Windows 7 Windows 7 - modular and suscription based


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I think it's an interesting read. Perhaps we shall have modules, like for entertainment, music, buisness, et cetera.

And also pay for modules on a yearly basis.
That would suck.
If they go subscription based, I'm going to linux/ Mac OSx86, or sticking to XP.
I hate how they try to dig money out of us, as if $300 for a decent OS isn't charge enough.
Well, why is it that you don't like the idea of a suscription? You are paying for extra space at Google's server for pictures and email, and I beleive Flickr has that as well, so why not $30 or $50 a year for Windows?

BTW: WB Snake.
Too expensive,especially for businesses,which won't be happy to upgrade their computers every time a new version is released...
Meh, buisnesses are always slow, a lot of then used 2000 when XP came out, and nothing stops them from using old Windows OSes.

Anyway, I think large buisnesses use VLKs that are paid on a yearly basis, or I could be totaly wrong. :p