Windows 7 Windows 7 + MSports PRO


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I use my Laptop for dragrace timekeeping and for that i use software called MSports PRO. The program instals and works great until I try to press timing button. I don't know what the problem is but I really whant to get it work because I like Windows 7 a lot. MSports is originaly compatable with XP and Vista.

To help you I can say that when you push the timing button the software tries to connect to chronoprinter witch is connected thrue USB or LAN cable.

You can download the software here (free of charge): Link Removed due to 404 Error

Sorry for my bad english. Any help would be great.
(I can't use XP mode because althought my processor supports VT i dont have an option to enable it in the BIOS)
Spent over 10 hours trying to get it working. Tried diferent things that were complicated but the problem was so easy. I just had to run it as an administrator.