Windows 7 on MSDN

I have just got a MSDN subscription and would like to try Windows 7, bit confused by which build I want though. I have access to versions updated on the 7th August which are 65921 Enterprise and 65922 Ultimate (x64) but how do these compare in terms of how new they are vs the RC and RTM that I have seen floating around on torrent sites with build numbers like 7600?

Someone point me in the right direction?


For what it's worth, I have installed an MSDN version of Windows 7 Ultimate on this machine, which I downloaded 2 weeks ago or so. It is version 6.1.7600. I am familiarizing myself with it, and I like it a lot - but it is an upgraded Vista Ultimate, which in turn was upgraded from XP Pro. I will probably try a fresh installation as well, before long, just to see what the differences are. I can't tell you (right now) what the current versions available on MSDN are, but I very much doubt they are or will be substantially different from this one.

Dave Kelsen
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Could those be builds that are moving towards SP1? Just a thought.

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