Windows 7 passes ten per cent usage


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A year faster than Vista

Windows 7
reached the 10 per cent usage milestone, according to beancounters at Web analytics company Net Applications, as the OS has crossed the 10 per cent figure more than a year earlier than Vista.

However the gleam of Window's 7 appears to be the only brightness for Microsoft in the Net Applications figures. Redmond's overall share of the operating system market, which returned to its usual downward trend last month after a one-month advance.

True the control of the market is still obscene. Microsoft dropped to a 91.6% share, down half a percentage point from February. It looks like Windows 7 is taking away customers from both Windows XP and Vista. Vista is losing market share faster than XP.

Windows XP slid to 64.5 per cent, down a full point, while Vista lost one-half of a percentage point to end at 16 per cent. Vista is dropping faster than a team of free falling elephants and will only be on one in ten machines by the end of the year.

Perhaps what is more worrying for Microsoft is that Windows XP is still on 70 per cent of the world's computers. The operating system will only be alive for three more years so if people have not upgraded to Windows 7 the question is what they are going to do when support runs out. It is possible that many plan to hang on until their current PC's die and then upgrade.

Mac OS X's share of the operating system market rebounded by three-tenths of a percentage point last month, with Jobs' Mob's operating system ending the month with a 5.3% share.

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