Windows 7 PE Bootable DVD/CD

Does anybody know if there is a bootable Windows 7 PE DVD/CD?

Not yet as far as I know. That will likely be released once it has made it to RTM.

Just make one yourself using WEIK for windows 7.
or you can download one off an unamed source.

Hi there
A VISTA PE system has been done for a while now
A similar method *should* work for W7 provided you can get the WAIK for W7 (or it might work from the W7 install DVD).

Here's a link to the VISTA PE method

Vista PC Guy » Creating a Windows PE Boot disk.

Another method which makes a more useful file including ability to run explorer.exe etc . Tutorials are at the end of the post in this link

Grand Stream Dreams: VistaPE WinBuilder 011 - Basic Walkthrough




The following is a link that explains Windows PE 3.0 in greater detail for those wondering what the heck Windows PE even is.. ;) Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who think it is some new version of Windows 7.. This link is to clarify that it is in fact NOT some new version of Windows 7... :)

Download details: Windows® AIK for Windows® 7

Also, below is a link to a Wiki page that explains in even further detail the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE).. Enjoy! :)

Windows Preinstallation Environment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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