1. A

    Windows 10 Doesn’t Recognize Linux USB At Boot

    I’m trying to install Linux (previously had Linux but then wanted to try Windows for a little bit and now switching back) but windows isn’t recognizing the USB at boot. I’ve tried using another usb and also trying to boot from Windows Install USB but those aren’t recognized as well. Fats boot...
  2. S

    Can not convert bios boot setting from legacy to UEFI, even though my disk is GPT.

    After trying to convert my Supermicro motherboard bios to use UEFI instead of legacy boot, I was not able to boot to windows server 2019 and my disk partition style is indeed GPT. I had to revert back to legacy. Should I re-install windows, I would really like to avoid this if possible. This is...
  3. Computerman

    Windows 10 Make an active partition able to boot

    I have a desktop with 3 hard drives which were all bootable. I added a third drive and now the new drive seems to be the only one that I can boot to. In disk management only the new drive shows boot. The other 2 drives are active and primary. Does anyone know how I can make these drives...
  4. D

    Windows 7 multiple Windows Deployment

    Hi, I have the following problem. I want to deploy create a bootable Win 7 I want to deploy multiple Win7 PC´s. Until now I am using Acronis to Restore the different Win7 Systems. But I want to create a bootable medium with 4 different Win7 backups. During the boot process you have to choose...
  5. C

    Windows Vista Vista restoration problem

    OK, I have an issue that has the local geek squad saying, "um, I have no clue." I don't ask help much, guy issue I know. Anyway, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ240E that I set up as a dual boot Vista/XP so I can use an older version of Architectural Deskstop on the XP side. I have a mirror of the...
  6. How To Make A Bootable USB Flash Drive

    How To Make A Bootable USB Flash Drive

    Learn how to make any bootable CD or DVD bootable on a USB flash drive. This process allows you to quickly and easily create bootable USB flash drive copies of important software, such as Microsoft Windows, firmware update utilities, and various Linux operating system distributions. Most CDs and...
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