Windows 7 multiple Windows Deployment


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Nov 13, 2015
I have the following problem. I want to deploy create a bootable Win 7
I want to deploy multiple Win7 PC´s. Until now I am using Acronis to Restore the different Win7 Systems.

But I want to create a bootable medium with 4 different Win7 backups. During the boot process you have to choose one of them. After the recovery process, or during the recovery process the system should choose the correct drivers and install them automatically.

The Process:
1) Plug in the external HDD
2) boot from external HDD
3) a customized selection window presents you a 4 different Win7Prof Backups
4) Restore process
5) automatically driver installation
6) Ready to work

The Problems:
- No Windows scripting knowledge
- 4 different Win7Prof Installations
- 4-5 different Platforms and Hardware

Any Ideas or usefull information how I can solve this?

ime replace steps 1&2 with boot to network is best.
-only basic knowledge of pxe boot or vmware shares is needed.
-you don't need to travel to the system unless there is nobody that can press a start buttion on the site.

Any Ideas or usefull information how I can solve this?
Not enough info yet for a recommendation mate... good luck with it.