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Windows 7 Windows 7 Pre-Beta Taskbar


New Member
Nov 2, 2008
Okay, I know this is irrelevent (partly because it's outdated), but I do care. The 'old' taskbar which comes with the pre-beta build 6801 doesn't work properly with Aero on my NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. It just becomes a black bar during Aero mode. Strange, it's worked in the past. I am posting this here in the hope someone else has had this problem and can help (or just someone that can help). Thank you, in advance. :)
Hmm, are you running the latest Vista drivers for your GPU? If yes, try reinstalling them. I could be that there is a bug between Windows 7 and the NVIDIA drivers. Remember that NVIDIA had a lot of issues when Vista came out.