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Hey everybody,
I know this problem has been seen before, even before windows 7. Problem is I've been trying to install the 32bit version of 7 since the RC came out and the installation always hangs at "completing installation". The install boots a little slow, but it goes through everything. I'm doing a fresh install of the RC because I was using the 7 beta before (which gave me little to no problems when I installed it). I start the install on the whole HD (unallocated space). It goes through the copying windows files and expanding alright and installs features and updates. Then it reboots, and I see the 7 logo. Then it's on the completing install, changes resolution, and hangs. It'll either blue screen after a few hours and reboot to a black screen, or just hang at the install.

System specs:
Foxconn Motherboard P9657AB-8EKRS2H
Intel Pentium E2220 Allendale 2.4GHz 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
PNY VCG98GTXPXPB GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card
2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 BL2KIT12864AA80A
WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA
normal DVD drive
USB keyboard/mouse
LG LCD monitor

So I've tried a lot of different things but to no avail.

I've downloaded and redownloaded the 32bit on the microsoft technet site. Burned with a separate player once at default speed and once at x1. I believe the disk works fine.
I've tried install NVIDIA drivers through the notepad trick but that still doesn't help.
I've tried removing one of the RAM which doesn't do much either.
I've disabled some of the onset chip stuff in my BIOS which doesn't work either.
I've even reinstalled Vista and try to upgrade to the 7 RC while in vista, which doesn't work, also hangs at the final step.

I think it may be the LCD, but idk why. Thing is there's no onboard video on the motherboard so my monitor has to attach to the video card. I don't know why it changes resolution in the middle of the completing installation part either.

Thanks to all who read the long post. Any advice and tips are appreciated.

Hello Swarles,

Welcome to the Windows7 forums.

I've looked over the 3 threads involved with this issue and there was never a complete solution.

One was a corrupt ISO, but I see you have burned at the slowest speed, so that shouldn't be the problem.

The other possible solution was to remove all USB devices. Do you happen to have a PS/2 keyboard and mouse that you could use?
it shouldnt be the lcd, if anything the display will be shown in vga 800x600mode. Do you have another video card you could try?
I looked at the board specs and noticed the lack of onboard it may be worth a try swapping a card for installation. Ram was my issue, have you tryed installling with just 1 RAM mod?

I'm wondering whether someone has finally found a solution regarding this issue? I've tried mostly everything yet nothing seems to work. My installation seems to progress constantly (the "..." after the "Completing Installation" part are still moving!) but nothing is happening. I've waited a couple of hours and still nothing. I've also tried disconnecting all USB-devices and the ISO is burnt on the slowest speed possible.

Would be nice to get some sort of confirmation regarding the issue. I formated the HDD I'm installing on before doing so, so it's entirely clean and that shouldn't be the thing causing an issue. God, I really hoped I was getting rid of Vista, but it seems I have to reinstall it. Garh.
If you get a Blue screen error, read the top line and post it back here.

An examplea blue-screen eror might look like this....... BAD_POLL_HEADER
No screen at all. It just doesn't do anything for several hours. (However, the dots are still going . > .. > ...> . > .. > ...) It -might- be an awful slow install, but that seems somewhat unlikely, don't you think? Like everyone else has said when stating their problems, the first parts of the installation is really smooth and fast, up to this point. Meh, currently installing Vista again. Will reformat and try W7 again if someone comes up with a solution to this problem.

Also, my hardware should be more than fine for Windows 7.
reghakr, I haven't tried with a ps2 keyboard or mouse. I actually think I only have a ps2 keyboard, but that should be fine. I'll give it a shot in a little bit.

kevin, yeah I did try installing with only 1 stick of RAM, but I still had the same problem. I don't think I have another video card, but I can check some of my friends' older towers

Will report back in a bit. Thanks again
Installation still never completed with a ps2 keyboard, the desktop rebooted after hanging at the completing installation. I'll try to find another video card I can test with

UPDATE: Windows 7 RC is WORKING on my setup. Turns out it was a hardware issue. I took kevin's advice and temporarily replaced my PNY video card with the video card that came with my parents HP desktop. It completely installed. Then once I had the OS on my hard drive, I just swapped the video cards back. Drivers are giving me a bit of a hassle, but nothing as bad as the install problem.

Thanks again for the help guys

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I had the same Problem with the 32bit.
My solution worked for me is the following:

  1. Clean dual boot install from wihtin XP or Vista
  2. prepare a Partition where you want to install BUT DO NOT FORMAT, just leave it RAW
  3. start setup, download updates for setup (1,3MB)
  4. after 2. restart boot with option "low resolution 640x480"
  5. got past the freeze, but black screen before first login, then:
  6. restart in safe mode, install win7 nvidia drivers
I hope I could helped at least some guys. But it's a strange thing microsoft did there.
Because I still have the same freeze with the 64bit, and so far my solution worked for 64bit.
If anyone knows, write.
Try this.....

During the installation process, did you load the drive controller drivers? This is done at the point of picking your partition to install the OS on. Your PC should have come with the controller drivers on a disc. If not, they can be downloaded from the PC manufacturers support website. Load the drivers onto a CD or DVD, DO NOT put them into a folder. They must be the driver files at the root of the disc. This was a problem for me when I reinstalled Vista on my wife's computer. The installation process would complete perfectly. At reboot I got the exact same behavior you are speaking of. This resolved the issue. The problem is that the OS cannot access the controller without this driver installed.;)
ok i need some help this computer don't work right..

i had my computer looked at and he told me that my dvd and cd drives are gone,but i can boot the other computer with the dvd buner that's in this computer,ok but it was hard to install xp with this computer,the dvd
drive and cd drive would not boot on this computer but like i said it would the other one i got,but i tryed to install wins7 with this computer and when i tryed to boot it ,it would go to the part where it say windows starting but then it goes to where it has a blue screen and it says that it has been shut down to protect the files,now like i said i took the dvd burner out of this computer and put it in anther one and it booted it up but it will not this one..and if this computer sites for like a hour or two and no ones messes with it ,it will lock up,i even took the screen saver of and it does the same thing it locks up, so if some one could help me with it please help me you can e-mail me at m7ri2002 thank you for your time..please help me with this thank you again and yall have a good day..:(
I also have the 9800GT as my video card. Same problem.

Only solution to remove + install with on-board graphics, then reinstall it + boot and deal with shitty graphics until i fix the drivers?

Edit: Sorry for bump! :p
Same problem with Windows 7 installation

I also have same issue with Windows 7 installation. I have nvidia geforce 9400 gt. I always noticed that the installation hangs while completing the installation after the display is switched to higher resolution. Is there a way to continue with vesa drivers.