Windows 7 Saying Not Valid, sound not working as well help!

Bill Austin

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Hey all, I have a mac that I installed windows 7 pro (legit disc/serial been running for 2 yrs) on the partition running via paralells, no issues till very recently.

It all started about 2-3 days ago I noticed firefox was saying every page in my bookmarks was untrusted, this was only on the windows side of things, then I was playing a video and got some static, rebooted the computer it started chkdisk and said it found and fixed errors.

WIndows started again but no sound (I do have sound on the mac side) and this has never happened before, then i tried firefox again still that weird untrusted on all sites, then in bottom right corner I noticed my time was wrong, i reset that by using the update via the net and now it says this copy of windows is not genuine!

I also noticed windows kept saying turn antivirus on, i have avast fully updated and it shows it's running yet windows insists i need to turn it on (very odd).

I right clicked on computer to go to manage and it says windows cannot find c progr data ms win start prog admin tools computer management - um that's never happened before...

So I think it's gotta be some virus or malware, i updated and ran full scans of

spybot search and destroy

nothing seems to be coming up as a problem other than tracking cookies which i removed.

I can't think of any new software I have installed, no hardware changes but windows keeps wanting me to refresh the number rating thing/user experience due to new hardware it says, I have a red x on the sound area, but I think that is the last of my problems right now.

So with all that given, what would you guys suggest I try first?

Bill :)

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