Windows 7 & SBS 2003

Hi, I really cannot understand this and could do with some help.

Connectivity between SBS 2003 Server and Windows 7 Workstation is a problem, works and then does notw work. At a basic level ICMP a ping between does not work, request timed out.

If I ping another Machine on Network form Windows 7, i.e. XP PC no problem reply, if I ping the XP machine from Server no problem reply. Try between server and win 7 time out. (FIREWALL DISABLED)

I can resolve Name, I have used IP Address, I have rebuilt IP Stack, Cleared ARP, Installed Cisco VPN Client to manage MTU Packet Size, Changed Network card on servers, changed IP Address as well. Someting in Windows 7 is blocking connection to Server 2003, in some instances I get 1 packet response and then noting after I have rebooted or diabled and reenabled NIC Card.

Quick overview of Enviroment:
SBS 2003 SP2, Runnding Exchange and ISA (Cachine and Fikletring only not Firewall)
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch L2
Cisco ASA 5505

Desktops Are DX7900 Desktops, brand new and clean install of Win7. We did have XP in Nov,Dec while we waited for Win 7 Media to arrive and NO ISSUES WITH THE XP OS (SAME HARDWARE MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELLL!!!!!!!)

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem coudl be??

Thanks in advance.


Noob Whisperer
Domain Environment? SBS 2k3 DC?

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