Windows 7 security enhancements


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Windows 7, which was released in public beta in January, will have 29 percent fewer user account control (UAC) prompts than Windows Vista has, and fewer prompts in general, according to Paul Cooke, director of Windows Client Enterprise Security.
"We've put users in control and allowed them the ability to tune the level of prompting" using a slider bar, he said in an interview.
Other new security features in Windows 7 are DirectAccess and BitLocker To Go.

Windows 7 security enhancements | Security - CNET News


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That's funny, I haven't had a single UAC prompt since getting my first Vista computer.

Well, one I guess:)


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I don't understand the math here. How does one obtain 29% less than zero? If you disable UAC, you don't get any Vista or in 7 either.

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